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Sofits and Eaves are a favored spot for
Honey Bees!

Honey Bees love to build in trees - especially decaying trees.

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 Bee And Hornet Removal 

Helping to prevent a hive from starting can  save you lots of headaches down the road.  Take a few minutes on a monthly basis to check your home or commercial building for these signs -

Make sure soffits and eaves are in good repair.  Repair any lose pieces, cracks in plywood or calking immediately.  Even small holes can provide enough access for bees to start a hive.

Repair cracked or damaged stucco on the outside of buildings immediately.  Bees can work their way into walls through these damaged areas. 

Cut down dead trees as soon as possible.  Dead trees are a haven for bees to start hives in.

Covered recreational vehicles, sheds and underneath mobile homes are also a source for bees to build hives.  Monitor these locations often.

Russedl Bee and Hornet Removal Hives Removal

Do you hear buzzing in your walls?

Below are a few of the favorite places honey bees love to call home.

Sofits and Eaves - A favored spot of the honey bee.  Usually in a East or Southeast facing location.  Only need 1/8 of an inch to get in.

Stucco Walls - Very common in Florida.  Common entry around water and power openings.  Well protected space for bees to build a hive.

Walls and Floors - Cool, moist environment and plenty of protection.  At times it is required to cut a hole in the floor.  Entire comb must be removed.

Under Mobile Homes - Hive usually is build close to where the water line enters.  Can go un-noticed for years because of being enclosed.  Torn or lose vapor barrier makes a perfect entrance to the hive.