When you have a dangerous bee hive or wasp nest started around your home, it's no time to procrastinate!  Look no further than Russell Bee and Hornet Removal Service,  SW Florida's leader for fast, efficient service and always Guaranteed Results.


OUR GUARANTEE:  Once our work has been completed at your home or business we guarantee  no further infestation in that same area for ninety days. 

Learn where honey bees are most likely to build hives, what to look for and preventative actions you can do to stop a hive from forming at your home.

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Russell Bee and Hornet Removal Hives Removal

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Do you know what the differences are between a wasp and a hornet?   How can you help prevent a nest from starting in or around your home?

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African Honey Bee Removal Information

We'll answer the most common questions about bee & hornet removal.  Don't see an answer?  Email us today with your question info@AllBeeRemovalService.com


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Do you know how to tell which bees are African Bees?  Learn  how they arrived in the US and where they are located.


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